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"The purpose of our studio is to offer people the opportunity to co-create their own Healing after an illness or injury, to help them re-discover the Healthy person they once were and to challenge those who are looking for something more in their life

Our classes designed for all levels whether a first time student or an advanced practictioner.


PHYSICAL: The Yoga Asanas along with the heated room and systematic processes allow you, the student, to drive deeper into the body to create change. Bones, Joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and nerves are all affected through compressing, strengthening and stretching. The nurturing of these structures provides an environment where you may access vital organs and glands such as the Heart, Liver, Kidneys, Digestive, and Thyroid to make improvements and increase their state of Wellness.

MENTAL: The Mind is strengthened through discipline which will bring about higher states of concentration and meditation. Clarity and Awareness will develop which and will help to eliminate Stress, Anxiety, Depression, and other mental imbalances. Happiness, Calmness, and Self Appreciation are attributes that can be gained through consistent yoga practice.

SOULFUL: Consistent yoga practice will lead you on a transformational adventure. As you open yourself up to the yoga, you will nourish the most important aspect of Life... The Authentic You...

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