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Hot Yoga comes from the Bengal region of India, more specifically Calcultta. It was here that this "Heated" style of Hatha Yoga was developed and nurtured. Our Hot Yoga Studios incorporate the traditional Asanas (postures) which have been handed down generation to generation as well as adding in various styles and alignments from other yogic traditions. We offer this fusion of styles as an evolution in practice for our yoga community. Here, as we build on a thousand years worth of knowledge you actually become an active participant helping to forge the evolution of yoga while on a path of Physical Wellness, Mental Clarity, and Enlightened Development.

Dr. John and Natalie Surie own the Westwood, North Haledon, Rutherford and now Nyack New York Studios. Dr. John is a Doctor of Chiropractic with a practice in Paramus and has been practicing and teaching various styles of Martial Arts for over 25+ years. With over 12 years of healing experience, he is excited to offer a new paradigm in Health. The fusion of Yoga (Self care and realization) with Holistic Health Practices. To really make a Life change, one requires a support system in which a person can really learn and connect with their own awareness. Dr. John believes that the responsibility to create health in a persons' life lies mostly in the hands of that person. By introducing real solutions and educating people about yoga and other wellness practices, health becomes a real and tangible goal. Effective and productive results through Yoga, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Massage, Naturopathic practices and Balanced Life Principles are just a few of the things a person may learn on their journey with us. Most recently, Dr. John has achieved his yoga teaching certification under Jimmy Barkan who, is a world renowned yoga instructor and accomplished practitioner.

Natalie Surie, a proud Australian yoga instructor, has travelled the world and shares, with her husband, a passion to help others through Yoga. Certified as a Bikram Yoga Instructor in 2001 by Bikram Choudhury, Natalie has extensive yoga experience and has taught many people how to help their lives through yoga. Natalie is dedicated to living and teaching a healthful positive yoga life as she nurtures her two daughters lives (Sydney  and Skylar Surie). Though very busy with Sydney and Skylar, Natalie is dedicated to her studios and students. She still teaches nearly 10 classes per week between both the Westwood and North Haledon Studios. Apart from the yoga, Natalie aspires to lead a natural yoga lifestyle through natural childbirth and honest holistic principles. As you practice with us you may often run into little Sydney and Skylar at our studios as they are growing into our yoga life.

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